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tv   Today  NBC  September 28, 2012 2:05am-3:00am PDT

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captions paid for by nbc-universal television hi, everybody. we're so glad you're with us today for thirsty thursday, september 27th. guess whose birthday it is. >> google it and you'll know. >> google is 14 years old. how did some people live without it? >> i love google. google is now my spell check. that's how lazy i am. i type it into google and it gives you the right spelling. whatever you're looking for. >> doesn't your computer do that any way? >> sometimes it underlines and gives you four options. google is quick, boom, just like
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that. >> guess where we're going, boom, just like that? >> we're going to -- >> the university of tennessee. >> we can't stop talking about it. >> as you might have heard, we are heading back to college. actually, one of us graduated. the other one -- anyway, next monday we'll be broadcasting live from the university of tennessee in knoxville. >> if you want to be there live, go over to the university. it's first come, first serve. the party starts at 8:00 a.m. >> you know how college students are. they don't get up till 11:00. . they have to get up. you have to show up. the show starts at 10:00. >> we're also going to be hosting a sign contest for your crowds. >> tennessee has a great cheer that sara is going to do for us. hi, sara. we're ready. >> top four reasons. we have four days that we're coming.
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four day countdown. so four. school pride ut had more. number three it's not everyone's coming, it's not just me. number two, live on monday, be there we want you. number one, we're having rocky top fourth hour fun. woo. >> it makes me enjoy your ihoda section, honestly. whatever we're paying you, sara, it ain't enough. >> you know what i did yesterday? >> you went and got lasered. >> i got lasered. >> why do you want to bring that up? >> i don't enjoy talking about it. i don't enjoy going and doing it. >> will this be your last time? >> no because you know what happens? if you miss one, you have to go back again. you have to make sure you follow the regimented rules. you know what the laser lady told me? men are coming in there and getting done downstairs.
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>> no. no. >> she said it's the thing. they're doing it. >> let's see a show of hands here. not one guy, hoda. i don't believe it. >> they said it's guys who are athletes who say they don't want any kind of chafing. it's men whose girlfriends want it. that's what they said. i'm just letting you know. >> oh, oh. >> i'm just letting you know. it left a terrible impression with me and i want to share it with you. >> there is another thing they're doing in india. >> we are not going to do that. no. let's talk about the nfl. it's bleaching cream in the same area. how did people lust after one another for centuries and centuries before there was waxing, before there was any creams, any of that stuff. there was just -- >> yes. regular. what god gave you. that's a laser. >> i don't get it. >> your hair looks good. >> i don't get that either. >> something is happening. there is some good news in this world which is full of nothing but bad news. the nfl is back in business. i don't think they had much
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choice but to give into the guys' demands. >> they had all that terrible publicity. they had an 11th houmeeting. the new refs, the old new ones. for the cleveland browns-baltimore ravens game. >> the tentative deal was reached around midnight last night. started in june. i didn't realize they had been battling so long. eight-year agreement. good. the longest agreement for game officials in nfl history. >> they increased the salaries were an average of, i think it was 100 -- >> i had it right here and then i lost it. $149,000 a year last year. by 2019 it will 205,000. ? so good job if you can get it. >> yes. what are we drinking? >> i have no idea. >> who cares? >> have you heard about this prank? this is also something a lot of people care about. the iphone 5 is out. >> there are lines out there. people are dying to get their
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hands on an iphone 5. someone decided to have fun with this. there are a bunch of people lined up. there is a tv spoof called awesome tv. they decided to have fun with people outside waiting for the iphone 5. take a look. >> you guys excited? [ cheers ] how long you guys been waiting? 2:00 in the afternoon for real? how long you been waiting? >> i think you guys know what these are, right? how long have you been waiting? >> it's not broken. it's probably broken. that one's broken. >> i can't believe nobody is rushing to steal them. there is some good news. >> they are shards. there is nothing left. i couldn't tell that from that.
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it just looks like the boxes fell. i think they added in sound effect for the people there. those iphone 5s are so coveted. they are the thing. i know you don't want one, you don't care about one. >> no, i don't. i'm happy for everybody who gets one. >> i feel bad for the people who can't get one or afford one. one thing most people seem to be able to afford in drove is fast food. there is good news about that or bad news if you're not on the list. >> zagots went to look for the best fast foods. the best coffee as you may or may not guess is starbucks. >> when that was announced a lot of people took umbrage. it's a personal taste issue. i love starbucks. >> it's very strong coffee. a lot of people said they preferred dunkin' donuts or mcdonald's or coffee bean. a lot of people loved coffee bean. >> they did. the best burger, again, five guys. look at it. >> it is delicious. >> just look at it. >> just don't put those green peppers on it and an onion. >> best french fries. >> this surprises me. i used to love the mcdonald's one.
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they won. but ever since they took out the animal fat stuff? >> not as tasty? >> but i guess they're still the best and better for you. >> the best value meal is mcdonald's, as well. you get the most for your money. best fried chicken kfc. the best salad is wendy's. >> i wonder why? >> i don't know. i would never go there and get salad >> best fish, long john silvers. >> best grilled chicken? >> chick-fil-a. and rita's italian ice. best ice cream custard. and this is steak and shake. they have the best maults of milk shakes or something like that. >> you don't know who i bad i wish i could drink milk right now. >> you have that other thing you can drink. >> the professions that need the most coffee, i thought it would have been us. everybody is up at like 2:00 in the morning. this survey came from career builder and dunkin' donuts. >> nurses who pull crazy hours. >> marketing and pr people.
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>> number three, sales reps. >> number two, scientists. >> the number one people who need coffee, food prep service workers. those people work crazy hours. >> we placed sixth. >> i drink two cups in the morning. that's it. >> even when you get here. >> not really, sometimes i do. usually two in the morning, when i'm praying for you. you need caffeine for that. i'm telling you. did you know there is a sexy shoe competition. i won it last year? >> what do you mean you won it? >> i don't recall any victory. >> it was valentino, remember? >> i picked the one i thought was the sexiest. >> yes. i love these. let's look. >> i don't know from which direction i should tell you. >> that says roger vivier. >> that's christian dior. it's hard to see. giuseppe somebody.
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this is valentino. this year. and i can't see that one. >> let me see. i'll look. nicholas kirk something. i'm sorry, you guys. it's very little. this one i can't tell. sorry. >> you know me. i don't like platforming. i'm going to go with the christian dior this year. what about you? >> i'll go with the sexy boot. >> you would never wear that. >> how do you know what i wear/not wear? >> tell me if you would wear that. >> i don't know that i would wear any of them but i kind of like that one. >> you picked the one i can't read. nicholas kirkwood. >> the voting starts through october 11th. go on they'll announce the winner october 15th. >> we have an interesting gentleman in our studio. >> you know what?
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let's just show you the before picture before we start. this guy used to weigh, i think it was 297 pounds. that's him on the left. he is now a navy seal. he dropped tons of weight and is out to break a world record upstairs. he is doing pull-ups, the most pull-ups in a 24-hour period. if you think about this guy, he's allowed to take obviously periodic breaks. so far he's done 646 pull-ups since this morning around 8:00 i think he started. >> unbelievable. >> this guy is amazing. look at this. >> oh, my god. >> he's got to continually eat, of course, which means you stop to take bathroom breaks. he's got to be in such a zone. he's got the head phones on. it will be interesting to know what's going on his ipad, you know? ipod. >> he's going to do it all night. >> yes, he is. he is raising for a very good cause. special operations warrior foundation. you can go to for more info how you can contribute.
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>> we'll join him later. >> and show him how to do it properly. >> this is your favorite part. i'm so excited. this song is so good. i'll tell you why. >> why? it's got a little something for you and a little something for me. >> that means it's got rap in the middle of a good song. >> it's called "back in time" by pitbull. >> i bet i'll be right. ♪ ♪ let's excuse me baby go k yeah you baby ♪ back you glovy baby ♪ time excuse me baby let's excuse me baby ♪ back in let's make a movie ♪ back in time ♪ baby oh baby ♪ baby oh, baby oh, baby my
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sweet baby you're the one ♪ >> miami equals best man little bit of whoop ♪ >> the perfect blend. you and me. you and me. you and me. >> okay or not okay? is it okay or not okay to peek at nude celebrity photos? >> this might be my favorite answer i've given in my life. kathie lee says it's naughty, but hard not to. >> hodi says yes, it's okay. who doesn't want to see other people's junk? [ laughter ] >> that's my -- when i sent it to britney she wrote back, "are you sure?" i wrote, yes, in all caps. other people's junk. they were ambushed. outside of our studio. >> result of our instant makeover for two lucky women after this. >> want a bite? >> i wish.
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we are back with our plaza ambush makeovers where two deserving women get surprised with a brand-new look. our crack makeover team, "today" contributor and stylist to the stars, louis licari. >> now that's music. >> and author jill martin. >> did you like my song pitbull? did you hear it? >> oh, my god, loved it. >> thank you. >> oh, louis. >> no. thank you. >> tell us about selecting the people outside. >> they were so much fun. we found a lady who was a forest ranger. and another lady that had a blended family of eight children, i believe. these ladies had no time for themselves. >> let's start with paula. she is 57 years old from iowa. much to her husband's chagrin, she stopped dying her hair five years ago. she was thrilled when we approached her on the plaza. let's take a listen to her story.
2:21 am
>> we chose paula because we know there is a lot of hot going on here. it's a girls trip. judy why does she deserve this? >> paula is a great person. she is a great mom, a great wife and she works really hard. we are really excited she can have this experience. >> i know you called your husband when you were outside. what did he say? >> he laughed and he's excited. >> we are going to make him smile, i think, right? what do you think about this whole thing? >> it's exciting. this is too cool. >> paula is here with her girls. judy, mary, becky and jane. ladies, please keep your blindfolds on till i give you the green light. here is paula before. let's see the new you. oh, wow! oh, my gosh! girls, take off your blind folds.
2:22 am
[ screaming ] take off your blindfolds. >> you look beautiful. >> ready to see yourself? you can put your glasses on. >> you have a little lipstick on your teeth, honey. >> look at the rest of you. who cares. >> this dress is gorgeous. >> you look amazing. >> look right at camera 12. >> this is a perfect example of finding the inner hot. this was a hot girl that just did not do a thing to emphasize any of her great features. of course i got rid of the gray hair. >> thank you. >> that will hopefully make your husband happy. i know it will. it just looks so great with your hair color. the haircut is by mayuki. >> absolutely amazing. >> awesome. >> what a trip to new york with paula. >> that dress fits her like a glove. >> look at that body. >> she can wear it. >> peplum is a great trend for
2:23 am
fall and winter. this is a great way to get in on it. this is one piece. if you want to just wear one or the other, peplum is a big trend. >> allison van duzen, 51 from montana. she hasn't worn a stitch of make-up since she was 17. she jumped at the chance to get a glam new look. let's hear her story. >> you were jumping up and down a lot. i'm not going to ask you to reenact this. you really want this. >> i do. >> tell me why. i'm here in new york with my best friend donna. i had a job interview yesterday. i'm changing jobs. i'm going from being an outdoor person. i still want to be an outdoor person to doing more humanitarian work. >> that is so nice. we'll give you a glamorous look. what do you think about that? >> glamour.
2:24 am
i almost don't know what that is. because this is me. >> you're going to get it. >> i'm going to get it. okay. >> there is her best friend donna over there. let's take one last look at allison and bring out the new allison. the indoor allison. [ screaming ] >> oh, my god! >> she couldn't take it. >> donna, bad girl. >> look how crazy this one is. >> look at yourself. you look amazing. i didn't even recognize myself. >> you look sensational. . you look awesome. >> i was going to say our hair color is almost the same. i like looking at myself there instead of there. >> how adorable do you look. pull yourself away for just a moment.
2:25 am
tell us about the hair. >> she was such an outside girl. >> she was a forest ranger and now wants to work with doctors without borders. good luck with that job. that is incredible. this is so easy to add a pinch of glamour. this is just what a little bit of hair color does. a great haircut. by mayuki. the make-up as always is soft and pretty. it's minimal. just a little bit of lipstick will do and give you that glamorous look no matter what you are. >> she is not a forest ranger in that outfit. >> right. >> i don't think i can wear this to work. >> we wanted to go in a different direction. we went all out. this is a wrap dress from maggie london. she was like, can i wear my hiking boots? we gave her these boots. instead. >> i can't believe it. you have great hair. >> big round of applause. paula, come back and join us. >> thank you, thank you. >> do you flat iron your hair to death? never throw out old make-up? >> we'll help break bad beauty habits.
2:26 am
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still to come, the desserts to pick, the one to skip next time you're out in a restaurant. we'll give you the skinny on sweet treats and our food fight with madeline fernstrom. >> whether you bite your nails, iron your tresses every day, we'll show you how to break those bad beauty habits. that is my make-up bag. don't look at it. >> and some toronto engineering students did a little gansta in a middle of a test. >> i love how you said gangsta. >> that's the way i roll. >> members of the congress, in celebration of over 75 years of our government employee ease insurance company or geico as most of you know it, i propose savings for everyone. to your worst cold symptoms
2:31 am
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what will you gain when you lose? why should golfers take 5-hour energy? playing golf all day can make you tired. i've been taking the product for about a year. and, after taking 5-hour energy, i feel more energized. i have more energy. you know, i'm not tired anymore after taking it. i was skeptical but i decided one day i'd try it. 5-hour energy works fast. i have the energy to get through a meeting, to get through a workout. it keeps me alert for a long period of time, and keeps me going. on or off the course, play with energy, 5-hour energy. we are here with more of "today" with "today's beauty" and bad habits that are hard to break. >> we have a lipstick and foundation that's been in our bathroom more than a year or a blush brush you've never cleaned. >> here with some tips on how hoda can break the bad beauty
2:33 am
cycle, beauty director victoria kirby. >> you look darling today. >> thank you. >> she busted in and stole it. >> we know. shall we talk about hoda's bag. >> we busted in and stole her makeup bag. >> be careful when you open up things. >> there are little old things in here. >> that has nothing but germs on it. >> it's fine. >> how long has it been in there? >> i don't know, but i need it. >> you put in a fresh one, honey. >> okay. let me show you this. i'm glad you didn't open this. you have to be very careful when you pop it open. i like it. >> crumbling apart like that? >> tell us about cleaning that brush. when was the last time you cleaned the brush? >> i don't. i buy a new one every now and then. >> this makes it very easy. you've got to clean your brushes because they collect a ton of bacteria and you put it back on your skin. you can get eye infections. you can break out. >> i never get any of those things, but go on.
2:34 am
you spray the stuff on? >> make-up companies have come out with brush sanitizers. clinique makes one $14, spritz it on your brush and wipe it with a tissue. all the germs are gone. >> can you use it quickly? >> yes. it dries instantly. >> this has never been cleaned. ever. >> you did admit to me over there. i never use any of that stuff. she just carries it around. >> i will say -- >> you think it was dirty? >> oh! >> yikes, hoda. >> that's bad. >> that is nasty. okay. i'm disgusted with myself. let's move on. horrifying. >> imagine how america feels. >> you're so funny. what if you ruin your hair? we torture our hair every day. we use flat irons, blow dryers. it's the number one cause of hair damage and color fading. we are not saying throw out your blow dryer, but if you can take one break a week. it feels softer and healthier. one day a week off.
2:35 am
if you have fine hair, women skip conditioner, pantene aqua light, the lightest conditioner on the planet. i promise it will not weigh down your hair. it is a dream for any woman with fine hair. >> is it okay to give your hair a break and keep your conditioner in for a day? >> absolutely. >> let it wash out the next day. >> absolutely. it's good for it. it's kind of a mini treatment. >> that was good information. >> for a change. >> what else? >> attacking a zit. we've all done it. >> you can't let it sit there throbbing. it could go off at any moment and hurt somebody. >> you can't do just nothing, but picking at it can leave a scar. what we recommend, take an ice cube or a couple and put it in a paper towel. hold it against the spot for a couple minutes. take it off for a minute. repeat this a couple of times. it takes down the redness and swelling beautifully. >> what if it's full of pus? >> it needs to be set free.
2:36 am
>> if it's full of pus. cover it with an acid treatment like neutrogena. it's clear so it will go on. it will be treating it. then put on your concealer so you cover it and treat it. >> eventually it's got to do something. >> if it erupts, cover it with powder. once it gets crusty. >> we don't like damp, moist or crusty. >> or rancid. >> old make-up. >> this i'm throwing out. i'm going to get you a new one. >> thank you. >> once your make-up looks like this, it collected a lot of bacteria. just like the brushes. of course you can't clean your makeup so you want to replace it regularly. >> how often? >> mascara every three months. anything a liquid or cream every six months. lipstick is good for a year. powder, they say two years, but once you get down to the pan, get rid of it. it has bacteria. just toss it.
2:37 am
get a new one. >> last thing. biting your nails. such a hard habit to break. it's a form of self-comfort. when you feel the urge rub on like a yummy smelling hand cream. gives you that same self-comfort. >> why wouldn't you want to chew more? >> it interrupts the emotional cycle that leads to biting. >> you're so smart and fancy. >> these bitter-tasting nail polishes, like orly nail bite, if you put these on your nails you'll never bite again. >> thank you so much. you don't have to skip dessert the next time you eat out. >> madelyn fernstrom will help in her food fight. "are you a cool mom?" i'm gonna find out. [ female announcer ] swiffer wetjet's pads are better than ever. now they have the scrubbing power of mr. clean magic eraser so you don't have to get down on your hands and knees to scrub away tough, dried-on stains. hey, do you guys think i'm "momtacular" or "momtrocious"?
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♪ [ female announcer ] swiffer. now with the scrubbing power of mr. clean magic eraser.
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♪ how sweet it is to be loved by you ♪ that's music, hoda. we are back with madelyn's food fight. we are battling our dessert. >> not all sugary treats are bad for you. here to help you make the right
2:42 am
choices, "today" diet and nutrition editor, ivillage contributor madelyn fernstrom. >> here are two favorites. we have apple pie and apple crisp. does apple crisp have more calories, same or less than apple pie. >> it has more. >> less. >> who got it? >> it has less. >> it has the same, about 375 calories. a lot of extras. it doesn't seem as healthy as it might. >> but it's so delicious. >> i thought it was the crust. >> eat whichever one you like in moderation. >> who doesn't love cheesecake? one slice has got 700 calories. if you swap this out for a low carb cheesecake are you going to save 150 calories or 300 calories? >> you're going to save 150. >> you're a smart girl. you know why that is? >> no. she doesn't know.
2:43 am
>> you're only substituting low carb means cut the sugar out. cheesecake is mostly fat. better thing is to get two forks and share with someone else. >> i think i understood that, but i'm not sure. >> fancier french desserts. we have creme brulee and chocolate mousse. they are both made with heavy cream, sugar and egg yolk. one of them is lower in calories, which one? >> chocolate mousse. >> you're right. one is about 450, the other is 350. chocolate mousse will be your choits. fast food desserts. true or false. mcdonald's fruit and yogurt par fay from mcdonald's, cinnamon twists from taco bell. all three have 200 calories or less. >> or less? no. false. ha-ha. >> if i say nothing and she is wrong. >> it is true. 200 calories or less.
2:44 am
so you can have a small. >> look how teeny that wendy's shake is. >> it satisfies a little sweet tooth. >> that's right. >> not yours the size of north dakota. >> look how good it would taste. a few bites is enough. >> savor it. >> let's go to something that may interest you more. how about tiramisu. how much of an indulgence is this? does this serving have more or less than 450 calories? >> i think it would be more than 400. >> it would be right. it's 510 and 32 grams of fat. >> you have three and i have one? >> imagine that. >> she thinks this is a tiebreaker. >> you can catch up. finish up strong. the brownie sundae. how far would you have to walk to burn up the calories in this dessert? >> el paso. >> it's about 100 calories per mile. five miles, eight miles or 11 miles.
2:45 am
>> go ahead. >> i think i'll say eight miles. >> you would be wrong. >> what were the other two? >> five or 11. >> i think it's definitely 11. >> you would be right. it's about 1100 calories. >> i already knew it. >> now we are at the tiebreaker. >> you heard of bread pudding. it's a well-known comfort food. yes? thrifty cooks want to save the bread and not throw it away. this serving is about 350 calories. here are the ingredients. which one is not part of this dessert. sugar, eggs, milk or cream? >> milk. >> no. >> cream. >> it's the cream. >> oh, so sad. >> the winner is kathie lee today. >> it's all that healthy stuff. you can have it. >> just have fruit. >> thank you, madelyn. you're the best. >> clubs you want to join after this. at
2:46 am
the airports. the tennessee valley will see rain to the south, places like atlanta it will be dry. looking dry in chicago. on the cool side in chicago, warmer in atlanta. it's going to be in the 80s in fact not too far from 90 degrees across the southeast. we will hit 90 in dallas, we think, 79 later today in minneapolis. and looking dry across the west. 69 in san francisco. not much weather west of the rockies the next couple of days. let's take you into the weekend. a lot of people have plans, maybe checking out some of that fall color. we'll clear out for the most part across pennsylvania here into new york city and new jersey. most of the showers are going to be across the south. it's going to be unsettled here
2:47 am
on into the weekend. as long as this front hangs out. we'll see some pkets of heavy rain especially there into the southern plains but drying out around the lakes, the interior northeast looking good. your temperature 67 in new york city behind that front. and starting to cool off a bit across the southeast with a lot of cloud cover and some on and off rain. we're going to be dry without the showers and storms we had in colorado the last couple of days. monday we're still stuck with this front. this one has been with us all week long. it's going to kick off early next week across the southeast. a few showers and storms expected into parts of florida and even on tuesday we're not done just yet along a warm front. it will be cool, fall-like weather in the northeast with 60s. 84 in denver, near 90 in los angeles. beautiful time of year as we move through september and october and get that off shore flow here. you get the dry, sunny days at the beach in southern california. remember you can wake up with al weekday mornings at 6:00 and 10:00 a.m. right here on the weather channel. [ male announcer ] this is rudy.
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what if you could have your own personal stylist, nutritionist and beauty expert without leaving your home? >> the new trend in modern online clubs comes to your doorstep and offers something for everybody whether you're a fitness buff or new mom. >> here with the scoop is nicole pearl. she's founder of the >> how are you? >> thanks for having me. >> these clubs work for everybody? >> they've been renovated. now they are personalized. they give you access to experts and are a great value. >> we all know harry and david's. now they've taken it to a new level. >> traditional food of the month club is a whole new concept. >> talk about moms. >> for moms, this is citrus lane. this is for moms who have newborns to kids 3 years old. you get a box of products tailored to your child's stage of development. also a great baby shower gift. >> online you just give your
2:51 am
stats and they send you the stuff? >> exactly. different iterations depending on your child's age. is it expensive? >> no. great value. this is $75 for a three-month subscription, but you get $35 or more with the product. >> this is babbaco. moms with kids ages 3 to to 6 will be obsessed. this is a detective theme. you get online content, activities, anything to enrich your child. >> that's a great idea. >> all supplies are included. so in the winter plop your kid in front of this and they'll be psyched. >> they need to put my children's books in there, don't they? >> just an oversight. >> let's go to fitness. >> people into fitness, this is clutch club. you get each month a combination of wellness, fitness and nutritional items. theme based. for october they have their holiday survival kit. you have everything from your motivated to work out and immune boosters and a men's version.
2:52 am
>> that could be a nice father's day gift. >> personal shoppers. i'm curious how this would work. >> every woman would love a personal shopper but we don't often have access. cake style is an incredible concept. this is a shopping service and a personal stylist for every woman for free. go online, fill out a questionnaire about your style, what your goals are. i used it. i wanted something cute for this segment. i wanted fun mom clothes. they gave me this outfit. i kept what i wanted. that's what you pay for. you send back what you don't. shipping is free. >> wow! >> the other nice thing they include a video that shows you how to mix and match everything. you don't have to be your own stylist. >> are you in direct communication or do you fill out the survey? >> you fill out the survey and speak to your stylist on the phone so it's personal. >> is this the boys department here? >> this is for the men. this is trunk club. the same shopping service concept. they are the originators of it. guys who hate to shop. >> i love all this stuff. this is a great look. >> they have many cool brands.
2:53 am
>> it's very age-appropriate, no matter if you're a young professional or older gentleman. we gifted this for my father-in-law and he loved it. ? let's move down to beauty. we have about a minute. >> this is birch box. this is tailored for anybody if you're into beauty and you don't know what to buy. birch box tailors each product they send to you based on your eye type, skin concerns and so forth. that's only $10 a month. let's get to the club w. incredible wine club for anybody not into wine, doesn't know about it. doesn't know how to pick a bottle. >> or just likes it. >> you fill out a survey, are you into citrus, how do you like your coffee? based on that they have a team of experts that pick wines for you. it's only $13 a bottle. you get three for $39. >> how was it? >> good. >> you filled out a survey. they sent a red for you, hoda. and a white for you, kathie lee. how does it pass the test?
2:54 am
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time for webtastic where sara haines has the newest, coolest videos you'll be sending to all your friends. >> engineering students are tested when they get a surprise in the classrooms. >> the students filed into their seats to take an exam when they were interrupted by flash mob. check it out. >> moving down. >> what's going on?
2:58 am
♪ >> what happened? ♪ after traveling to finish up this joke of a test ♪ i took a look at the clock ♪ i know all the answers i've written are wrong ♪ my mind is giving up but my focus is gone ♪ i've forgotten all i know ♪ but that's not on purpose ♪ i can't do any of the words ♪ i'm an engineering failure ♪ i can't do any worse ♪ i'm an engineering failure ♪ complex algorithms ♪ but there are no solutions "the answers on this test ♪ [ applause ]
2:59 am
>> before we go, we wanted to check in on david goggins who is breaking the "guinness world record" by doing over 4,000 pull-ups. in over a 24-hour period. how is it going? >> it's going good. >> you're rocking it, baby. we're rooting for you. >> we are here to support you, brother. >> we'll join you. >> thanks, guys. here we go. >> get there. >> up and up. >> no. >> one more. >> one more. >> the dog whisperer. >> and up.


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